Our Appreciation

One of the reasons we started John’s Plate was so we could extend a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful friends, family and neighbours.  Along the way there were countless contributions that helped us get to where we are today.  All of your support, incredible acts of selflessness, caring, and humour when John was born, during his surgeries, and in the years that followed did not go unnoticed and were truly appreciated.

We must also thank the incredible doctors, nurses, and staff at SickKids that go out of their way to make every child’s stay as tolerable as possible.  Their tireless efforts and dedication to their jobs gave us as parents the comfort to know that they would do everything possible to care for their patients, and John tested this on numerous occasions.

Second, we must acknowledge the amazing acts, gestures, and prayers from those close to us.  The incredible meals left in our porch after every long day, the Guinness in the hospital room for “medical purposes”, the financial aid when all looked grim, the patience and tolerance shown by family members when we could never commit to schedules (John always had his own agenda), and for everyone else we missed.  Knowing that all of you were behind us provided tremendous comfort during an exceptionally difficult time.

Third, is to those that support our cause.  We truly hope that our story and your belief in The Hospital for Sick Children. will help build our charity.  Every healthy plate sold and every donation made, is helping what we believe is the best children’s hospital in the world (personal bias ignored)!

Sincerely Appreciated,

John’s Plate.

thank you